pteroylglutamic acid

pteroylglutamic acid
Etymology: pteroic acid + -YL + GLUTAMIC (ACID)

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  • pteroylglutamic acid — pter·o·yl·glu·tam·ic acid .ter ə .wil glü .tam ik n FOLIC ACID abbr. PGA * * * see folic acid * * * (PteGlu) pter·o·yl·glu·tam·ic ac·id (PteGlu) (ter″o əl gloo tamґik) folic acid …   Medical dictionary

  • pteroylglutamic acid — noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary pteroyl, the radical (C13H11N6O)CO + glutamic acid Date: 1943 folic acid …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • pteroylglutamic acid — noun The old name for folic acid, a polycyclic heterocyclic carboxylic acid of the vitamin B complex, essential for cell growth and reproduction. Syn: vitamin B<sub>9</sub>, vitamin B<sub>c</sub> …   Wiktionary

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